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A Place to Thrive 

The vision for The Film Academy of Cinematic Excellence (F.A.C.E.) was inspired by the successful running of SJ Studio, the film & television studio and campus for F.A.C.E. With cinematic experience spanning decades, Nazim Hamid & Sahir Hamid correctly identified an educational gap in the film industry - there were scarce opportunities for quality education for those who sought relevant skills and experience. This realisation is what shaped the concept for The Film Academy of Cinematic Excellence, and is what the Hamid Brothers aspire to achieve. Affordable film education of the utmost quality. 

In this journey to democratise access to quality cinematic education, they have met many like-minded and creative directors, writers, producers whose immense knowledge and understanding have helped them frame the ideals of this Academy. F.A.C.E is the product of a vast wealth of knowledge & expertise from the most creative minds of Bollywood. Our academy gives aspiring artists a path to success. Regardless of age or previous experience, if you have the desire to learn, F.A.C.E has a place for you. 


Our Chairman, Sahir Hamid

Mr. Sahir Hamid is the chairman of Film Academy of Cinematic Excellence (FACE) and director of S.J. Studios and Entertainment Ltd.,  His vision of making a world class studio  and Learning Centre , had started in an early age , and took a firm step in his teens to  joined as a  Asst Director in a Mega Budget Serial : Akbar the Great which had aired on Dordarshan TV Channels in the Nineties , in which he got a Hands on experience in making of all the aspects of Film Making ., This was a start in his Dream ,

Side by side He also joined in his family Business of Oil and Expanded the same in the International Markets , But Passion of Creative Arts continued and Culminated in the Rise Of S.J.Studio , which he painstakingly planned and implemented and Developed in line with the  latest trends, which laid the path to International recognition which not only brought Hollywood Shoots , but also brought in International Tourist, which had added a new Dimension to the growth of the city as well as S.J.Studio

The only part left in the adding to the Development in the Film Industry was Investing in its  Future Talent which  was the Creating of another World Class Learning Centre  the Birth of F.A.C.E ., the experience gained behind the camera and the in-depth knowledge of the various fields within the industry has helped in detailing the curriculum and ensuring continuous hands-on learning for students, comparative to internships with top professionals, FACE ensures active learning occurs through every step of the process.

It was Sahir  his experience has made him an invaluable force in the transition of the company. Sahir has producedmany soap operas on Sony TV and Sony TV Asia including Ek Duje Ke Vaaste and Ye Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai, as well as an Assamese film called The Underworld. His careful eye for design and admirable HR capabilities have produced a chairman of immense dedication & to encourage others to work hard and succeed. He knows what goes in the industry and hence believes in providing with the best experience  to young aspirants of the Industry.


Our Director, Nazim Hamid

Mr. Nazim Hamid is an entrepreneurial visionary who owns a thriving film enterprise and runs an oil trading business. In the span of just 16 years, he has built S.J. Studios and Entertainment ltd, a film studio, from the ground up, as well as practised his responsibilities as the director of the Film Academy of Cinematic Excellence (FACE). His diligence, wit and financial acumen have served him well in the dynamic background of the entertainment industry, and his time at IIM Ahmedabad and Harvard Business School have enabled him to place a strong emphasis on continuous education that he has embodied in the well rounded & innovative curriculum he has developed for students at FACE.

He started his career running a successful roller flour mill in Khopoli, by the name of Sahyadri Roller Mills as a sole proprietor, and went on to become the Honorary secretary and then vice president of the Maharashtra Roller Flour Mills Association before making a full time switch to the Family business of oil trading and the Entertainment industry. However, with the combined forces of multitasking and intellect, his achievements are not limited to a single enterprise – By 2018, he had produced many soap operas on Sony TV and Sony TV Asia including Ek Duje Ke Vaaste and Ye Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai, as well as an Assamese film called The Underworld.

One of the most remarkable facets of Nazim Hamid is how he transfers the learnings he acquired from being part of the AKDN, where he served for about 20 years helping with social causes, to the commercial landscape. He embodies an immense dedication to ethical business dealings and corporate social responsibility, and strongly believes that business should be fair and contribute to society.

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